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Situational Awareness For Sojourners–Teddy Roosevelt Knew About “Weak and Vicious Minds”
Ladies, be advised that the baseline level of decency, character and resilience among the majority of modern Americans (of all races and ethnicities) is  FAR below what existed in previous eras. Recognizing this reality means being much more cautious about who’s around you than the average American sheeple (or the “perpetually surprised” masses of African-Americans). There has always been a certain amount of bullying among children and teens. There have always been romantic disappointments. There have always been workplace disputes. Injustice has always existed.
All of these things existed without an unending series of mass shootings. What’s the difference between previous eras and today?The difference is that modern day America is jam-packed with the “weak and vicious minds” mentioned by Teddy Roosevelt. Modern minds that are weaker and more vicious by several orders of magnitude.
be warned—this post is not for those who’d rather bury their heads in the sand.
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So Mitt Romney Decided To Attend The NAACP Convention But Obama Didn't. Thoughts?

It is a very telling message just how little the Democrats think of black women voters when no one stepped in to advise Obama against skipping the event. Doesn’t this read like a bad romance? You know that’s the emotional irrational underpinnings that influence the way far too many think. He’s just not that into you! Except when he wants something.

Obama and his chorus of a thousand excusers have sung the same broken tune of “Can’t DO Nothing” for the past three years. It only shows how he has no real infrastrusture supportive of him. This is the manifestation of Negro Comfortable Up In Here. Yet the opposition is a well-oiled machine. Crooning soul tunes at a fundraiser heavily attended by blacks earlier this year didn’t create jobs for the millions out-of-work who need to support themselves and their families. The fact that Romney made even a tiny gesture says something….Obama bowing out as “strategy” does as well.

Based on the response from the audience and conversations in the media, Romney may do more to further his agenda of getting elected. We know all about lip service. Romney [and Obama] will need to put out, lol! In some strange way this could be the opportunity to finally get your “1st Black” to actually DO SOMETHING for YOU and YOU ALONE.

Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT support the agenda of the NAACP which has proven it’s purpose to be anti-black woman. Like most “black” things and “black” people. There are others. This is one of your most crucial decisions that will impact your lives for years to come. Discussing your lifestyle development under the guise of a “blog” post doesn’t count for much according to someone who thought to belittle the advocacy and social justice purpose of this forum by negating our work in raising awareness and encouraging women’s empowerment.

I had to defend YOU from being so readily dismissed. I don’t write and research and execute these posts, actively engage with people who can be both clueless and hostile or unappreciative and non-reciprocating because I lack other activities that would be far more pleasurable. It’s time for more of you to get your minds and purpose in order. You are in crisis!!

I do this because I believe in an alternative NORMAL universe where we’ve created a better world for ourselves and future generations. It’s not easy or convenient, but it is absolutely necessary to contribute toward making it happen as a goal.

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Spread the word: You don’t support those that don’t support you.

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Living Well: Evia Moore: Black Women Must Learn A New Way


“If only Whitney could have found a QLL partner/man, but as an AA woman, she was indoctrinated or programmed not to turn her back on DBR men, to ‘give them a chance’ and to crave the type of man with “swag-ugh”.

And naturally, the black community criticized her when her music “crossed over”…

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