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Robert DeNiro



-ESPN headline refers to Jerremy Lin as a “chink”  SMFH. ps go look him up if you don’t know who he is cause he’s a sweetheart. And this is NOT the first time “chink” has “confidently appeared on their website. DO BETTER ESPN.

-Some Asian woman on Twitter wants become the asian Hitler and eradicate all black people. ummm sweetie…

-I missed the Whitney funeral.  Apparently Beatdown Brown got pissy that his seats weren’t good so he left…him and all 37838hfhdkd of his kids from 284754 moms. SMH.  

-I missed the Whitney funeral which means I missed Kevin Costner’s speech which every cried during.  ummmm AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO DID NOT KNOW that he and Whitney dated and he was in love with her?!?!? WTH Whitney, first De Niro wants to marry you, then Costner, and you settle for that little abusive drug addict gremlin??  WHITNEY!!!!????

BW we need to do better!!! Stop being afraid of what others think AKA the black peanut gallery and love who you want to love!! It hurts my heart that her life could have ended up differently if she had just followed her heart and had not tried to please people who really didnt give a sh-t about her :(

-WHY THE HAIL is there Angel basing on my dash?!?  I thought I unfollowed you hoodlums!! y’all better run!!

-uhhhh AND I missed the Melissa Harris-Perry show premiere on MSNBC.  Get this, Melissa is a black feminist……who actually puts black women’s needs first. Shocking, I know!! look her up on Youtube she is fab and put Gloria Steinem in her place and I love that she challenges the President. Plus Rachel Maddow stans for her so its perfect :)

-I want my Merlin Saturdays back :(

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