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I think we should go ahead and rename this “Koons R Us, Inc”. C-rappers, with precious few exceptions, have abandoned rap as art and have exploited it as a means to confirm every negative stereotype about black people that there ever was. We are seeing now more and more how it has also become a vehicle of not community expression but of black male expression ONLY. No longer is it “the people’s music”. It is simply, black men’s music, focusing on denigrating black women, praising non-black women and establishing a shameful standard of masculinity for black males. But what do black males do? They defend it. Never once caring what message that sends to the world about black masculinity. Shame.
Just Now Climbing on the hip-hop/rap industry

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Spread the word: You don’t support those that don’t support you.

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97-year old Lula Mae Reeves is the first African American woman to open her own business in downtown Philadelphia.

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