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femmeblackchick replied to your post: Self-Reliance

Wow I wish most of the black people on tumblr think like you. I had no idea how crazy things were in the US black community until I started reading BWE blogs and of course tumblr. Everywhere I go I would see people whining and I just couldn’t get it.

that’s bc too many blacks Americans including our faux black “leadership” refuse to talk about ANYTHING of substance having to do with the American black collective.   If by some chance they do bring up important issue, the black police will try every trick in the book to shut them up and go on business as usual.

People attempt to sweep important issues under the rug and act like no one sees the dysfunction going on. 

Oh believe me. The loudest voices among us, who also happen to display the foulest behavior, are on display for the world to see. We are not fooling anyone but ourselves. 

But’s also important for those of us with a platform to use it, not to rant all day, but to show the diversity of black Americans, black Brits, Nigerians, Jamaicans, etc. I am so glad there are tumblrs on here dedicated to showing all the amazing things black women have to offer to the world and be proud of :) 

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Spread the word: You don’t support those that don’t support you.

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