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Queen of faces

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is Angel Coulby.

in a red velvet dress.

Queen Guinevere.

in a long gorgeous red velvet dress.

what is air?

omg why cant i breathe?

why did i scream when i saw the images of her?

what is my life?


gorgeous red velvet dress.



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Please, this has to stop. Please.

The expression on Arthur’s face breaks my heart!!!

Also spectacularly flawless, but I equally wonder if most get Guinevere’s physical motion in this? It is rather important who she turns to. In fact, it is beyond important. Well done, Euphoria. Brava.

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Never give up hope.
Love is stronger than anything.
Believe me.
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“Get away from him!” requested by takeme-toglasgow

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The Beginnings of the Trio - Season 2, Episode 2 

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I love the breakup of one of my favourite scenes of the entire series because I noticed something I missed in this scene by you doing just that in this gif set. Oh in the first gif, always saw the lingering look before the character says…yes, must look away, but the the fourth gif, I finally see it. Angel wanted to piss herself laughing and kept her face as frozen as possible so she could not crack up lol sort of like Bradley having to look towards the ceiling to prevent himself from doing the same. Funny, stuff!

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my bbs!!

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guinevere in lancelot du lac

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guinevere in the moment of truth

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The stuff they cut from Merlin!





You know when we all got annoyed coz we didn’t get to see this outfit probably?



 WTF? Why would they cut this? How stupid is that…

Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name.  Thy kingdom come. - cos my reservation for that special place in hell has just opened up

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