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My inbox is full of happy-clappy fools who loved Think Like A Man and demand I see it and stop “hating”

How do I go about telling them they have low standards and that I have no desire to see a film starring an adulterer who wants me to take on male tendencies, an unapologetic woman beater, and a basher of dark-skinned black women??

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Think Like A Man Rant

The fact that Chris Brown was cast in this film tells you the level of contempt the film makers have for black women.

Would Chris Brown have been cast as a romantic lead involving a white woman?

Heck No!

I don’t even want to imagine the amount of backlash that would ensue. I rarely if ever watch contemporary black films because the messages are so life-limiting.

I’ll pass.

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Will I be seeing Think Like a Man this weekend???

I hope that answers your question Anon :)

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Spread the word: You don’t support those that don’t support you.

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